Heritage Garden

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The Moore House Heritage Garden

When the Moore Family lived in this typical Florida Cracker style farmhouse from 1879 to 1910, they embraced the mild climate and growing seasons it provided. Did you know there are multiple growing seasons? Taking advantage of cooler yet still mild weather, “warm” crops are grown in the fall and spring, and “cold” crops in the winter. Not only did the Moore family produce an orchard of grapefruit and oranges that they sold, but they also grew a garden to provide for themselves.

The Moore House Heritage Garden is a demonstration garden maintained by volunteers who plan, till, plant, and maintain it, concentrating on gardening practices of 1875 to 1900. It represents the Moore’s vegetable patch and that of many others like them, including a sampling of crops grown by farm families on the west coast of Florida during this era.

The focus will be the use of hand tools, heirloom seeds of the period, appropriate vegetables, natural composting, fertilizing, and pest control. It will be interesting to see if these vegetables thrive with this care. Success at getting vegetables will be a bonus! Unlike the Moore’s, an unsuccessful garden is not life threatening.