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The mission of Heritage Village is to inspire exploration of Pinellas County's story by designing unique programs and exhibits, facilitating research, and collecting and preserving local history.

Heritage Village Beginnings

Growth and development of the county resulted in many older buildings getting torn down. Though they couldn’t save them all, the Junior League of Clearwater set out to preserve some buildings that were architecturally unique, represented the heritage of the county, and were important in telling the stories of Pinellas County history.

When they acquired the first building, the Plant Sumner house, the biggest challenge became finding a location for it. After much discussion, the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners offered them the land that then became Heritage Village in 1976.

Over time, 20 historic buildings plus about 10 other structures have been moved here or reconstructed, including the oldest existing structure in Pinellas County – the McMullen Coachman Log Cabin built in approximately 1852. Though it’s called a village, all the buildings originally stood in other parts of the county and were moved here to our 21-acre park. People lived with a lot of land between them and didn’t have next door neighbors!

Heritage Village is a Pinellas County park preserved and maintained through the Pinellas County Government, Pinellas County Historical Society and volunteers.

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