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Pinellas County Historical Society

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Who We Are

What began in 1977 as 10 acres of random structures has grown to a village of more than 30 of the county’s oldest and most historic buildings spread over 21 acres of natural pine and palmetto landscape.

The Pinellas County Historical Society has been a lifeline of support for Heritage Village for more than 35 years, and that role continues to grow and become increasingly more vital.

Funds raised by the Society assist with educational and cultural programs at Heritage Village. Many of our members serve in a variety of volunteer roles to welcome and educate the public, maintain the building and grounds, and support the collections.

We assist researchers interested in our county’s history by acquiring materials for the Archives & Library at Heritage Village and by supporting efforts to conserve museum collections.

What We Do

Historical Society funding helps in the acquisition, development, and preservation of Heritage Village’s renowned historical structures and collections – the buildings, archives, and artifacts – that represent the community’s collective memory displayed for all to enjoy. Ongoing acquisitions make this treasured resource even more valuable.

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